Three Rusty Nails

Just three rusty nails were All HE would need,
to finish a House that would last,
The beams of The CROSS, now empty would plead…
my case, at The BAR,…for my past!

This Carpenter, Strong, spent the bulk of HIS Days,
on the Earth in a shop, crafting wood,
But The BEST that HE made for Eternal Display,
took three nails through HIS Body…for good!

How many a-time with three nails in one Hand,
and a hammer in other to blow?
But the rusty three nails through the Hands, Feet, and PLAN,
forged One House of Salvation to KNOW!

Defeat was full bought by one fruit of the the tree,
through the mouth, transforming the heart,
But VICT’RY was wrought in FRUIT, known as HE,
placed back on lone tree,…as Man’s part!

The “bruising of heal” by three nails, closed to seal…
the breach between GOD, and bought-men,
The “crushing of head” by three holes in The REAL,
forever has SAVED some from sin!

The bite of the fruit from one beautiful tree,
brought us death by such “innocent” words,
But three rusty nails, unsightly to see,
brought life through the death of PURE LORD!

Sin brought rust to the nails that might never have been,
for Decay is the lone human craft!
Wooden “homes,” made of men, become shambles in Sin,
Future HELL with the Devil, who laughed!

But The Carpenter’s last task, sealed Sin/Death in the bier,
and then rested until The Third Day,
Sunny morn! Smiling Face! Greeting friends with, “I’m Here!”
Creation, Quite NEW, on Display,
For Carpenter, once dead, Ever LIVES, and it’s Clear,
The SCULPTOR from Rock, forged New DAY!

Jay O’Toole
(Thank The LORD for giving me this great new poem! What a BLESSING!)


Is It Finished?

“Is it Finished,” as He said,
when Jesus died for me?
Did He die for ev’ry sin,
to Free Eternally?

Why do I sin though hate it firm,
and agonize to flee?
Why do I miss the matchless charm,
of Christ Who died for me?

When will I find the place of rest,
to stand, not fall again?
When will I KNOW I’ll stand each test,
defeat my ev’ry sin?

It’s Finished when I see that Christ,
doth live and die for me!
It’s Finished when I know He prized,
my Life Eternally!

It’s Finished while we wait the time,
of sin’s last crushing blow!
It’s Finished as our Hopes Sublime,
Look Up for cause to go!

It’s Finished though the Justice Scales,
be weighted toward the Wrong!
It’s Finished ’til Ol’ Gabriel sails,
to trump with Savior’s Song!

We’re Finished when we rest unmoved,
by human kith and kin!
We’re Finished for God’s Final Word,
is Jesus, LORD o’er Sin! 🙂

The God Who IS GOD!

"The LORD is Sovereign and True Blue!"

Is there a boulder God creates,
that even He can’t move?
Of course not, for His Word doth state,
all foolish,…He’ll reprove!

Yet there’s a boulder…Man has made,
that even God can’t budge,
The Rock of our grave sins displayed,
through acts and pride-filled grudge!

For Holy God can’t Justify,
a man who’s still in sin!
His Holiness cannot defy,
This Barrier to men!

Yet Holy God desired to save,…
from Sin He’d Justify,
He left His Throne to birth in cave,
to live Pure, then to die!

This Man of God…’sthe God of Man,
the Man Who’s God agreed…
With Holy God as Living Sand,
He died,…His Blood would plead!

Propitiation keeps God Just,
while Justifying men,
It satisfies this Firey Lust!
It pays for ev’ry Sin!

This Holy God was packed in Man,
that God could fully take,
The Fullness of Man’s Mortal Sin,
that sin-free,…Man could make!

This Jesus, though He’s fully God,
Man’s Sin He WAS Complete,
That when He drank the Cup’s last drop,
‘Twas Jesus,…LIFE Replete!

To KNOW that I have been made right,
is in this Holy Gift,
For Jesus covered DAY o’er night,
My Sin You Lived,
My Wrath You Lived,
My Cup You Poured and Drank,
To Heal th’Eternal Rift!

Tomorrow is One of God’s Mysteries!

Tomorrow is a day unknown,
which never has been seen,
For when tomorrow’s sun is shown,
Today it’s always been!

A Prudent Man forseeth ill,
and hides himself apace,
Yet simpleton’s push on at will,
and end up in disgrace!

We KNOW that boasting is “Fool’s Gold,”
with Treasure NEVER grasped,
For Morrow’s Hopes are quickly sold,
and Truth will bite, like asps!

The full-ish do not want to eat,
the Best that God provides!
Salvation comes to those who greet,
Physician & ne’er hide!

An Iron sharpens iron alike,
and Friendship’s Face sees through,
For when a Man sets friend aright,
the goal is Wisdom,…New!

The Water that reflects the Light,
does this by Nature given,
No Hope of gain, nor earthly might,
would cause such Truth be liven!

A Finer Pot could ne’er be KNOWN,
than one that praises Man!
For as the dross impedes the gold,
Man’s Pride impedes the Plan!

The myst’ry that our God can make,
Tomorrow from Today,
‘sThe same that God a man can take,
as Trophy for display!

by Jay O’Toole
(Poem created from ideas found in Proverbs 27…)

Eternal Thoughts in Limited Time!

Cloud Cover One Evening in Atlanta...Dear LORD, I know there’s not much time,
—to live and die for You,
For when I die, it’s Life Sublime,
—with One Who made things NEW!

Dear LORD, I ask that You would aid,
—the dearest Earthly souls,
Who may not KNOW the Gift You Made,
—in death…Forever whole!

The task is great! My thoughts collide!
—I cannot choose the task!
Please help me lose my Earthly pride,
—to do all that You ask!

I’m Much Afraid for You have shown,
—Your Father won’t take less,…
Than all of me…that when I’m grown,
—the deathly Birth will bless!

The imminence of Your Return, Sunset Panorama
—or calling to the sky,
Does “nerve mine arm” for lost souls burn,
—in Hell forever cry!

I need Your Strength in daily grace,
—to press on toward the prize,
For I may rest in THAT Grand Place,
—respected in Your Eyes!

Please save my friends and family,
—before it is too late!
They’re in my heart eternally!
—Their loss would be too great!