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The Christmas Story, (One Man’s Contemplation…)

Luke 2:1-20, (paraphrased and contemplated in context)

“…And as The LORD would have it, (right on schedule for the birth of HIS ONLY SON in the flesh of Salvation’s Plan,) that the highest human ruler at the moment, Caesar Augustus, demanded more money from everybody in his little world.  (The Caesar proclaimed himself “Augustus” to express his over-inflated & arrogant opinion of himself.)

“…And this demand for money [from those who couldn’t refuse] was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.

“…And everybody did as they were told (aka they paid the legalized extortion to the federal human leader, which included traveling all the way back in his original hometown , (no matter how inconvenient that may have been.)

“…And Joseph dutifully left his province of Galilee, starting-out from his new home of Nazareth on the long and arduous journey down-country into judea, unto King David’s hometown of Bethlehem; (because joseph was directly descended from King David himself:)

“”Joseph went to Bethlehem for the purpose of paying confiscatory tribute (in obedience to the King’s demand that he could not easily nor safely refuse,) along with Mary, his espoused (aka covenantally-bound, though not-yet-married) wife, who was well-nigh to off-loading her precious payload, (otherwise known as the Divine Baby in her womb that Joseph knew for sure was not his.)

“As a matter of fact, while Joseph and Mary were there in Bethlehem, Mary’s due-date arrived, she went into labor, and she delivered her baby boy.

“So, when she was delivered of her firstborn son, she wrapped him and swaddled Him tight in a bundle, much like Rachel Columber’s WombFruit, C, placing Him gently in a feed trough, since nobody in that town had any more room for Jesus in their homes nor in their lives than people do today in Statesboro, in the USA, nor in the contemporary world.

“…And nearby, out in the country there were citizens of the lowest class, known as shepherds, relaxing on sedimentary divans, enjoying the quiet of their green-friendly dens with expansive roofs.  As was their custom, they were guarding their flock of sheep that shared with them this amazingly palatial home.

“…And before they knew it, the Angel of The LORD took them by surprise, and the Greatness of The LORD’s Glory was shining so expansively that it enveloped their world, making them SCARED out-of-their-minds!

“…And the angel said unto them, ‘Take it easy!  Hold up, Guys!  Nothing to be afraid of here!  No worries!  Why?  (Motions toward Bethlehem…)  There is WHY!  Focus your eyes in that direction, and Listen-Up!  I have Good/Great/Excellent News for you!  This News will make you just as Joyful as you were Scared when I arrived!  What’s more,…This is not just Good News for you!  This is Good News for everyone in the world!  (So, tell everybody that you meet as you get your motivation in gear!)

“For unto you is born this day/today/right now in the city of David, a Savior, the Deliverer, Messiah, Meshiach, The One Whose Coming was promised by the prophets of old, in other words, Christ, The LORD!

“…And just in case you are concerned about missing Him, this is the sign that you should be looking to find.  You will find the Babe, wrapped-up tight in WombFruit, C, lying quite contentedly in the barn animals’ feed trough.

“…And suddenly (in an instant before they could prepare themselves mentally,) there appeared with the first angel, a whole crowd of heavenly individuals, who were representing servants of the LORD.  They were all praising, glorifying, magnifying, and honoring The Sovereign in these very words,…

“Glory to GOD in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.  (After all when we are straight with GOD, we are finally able to be straight with Man.)

“At some point after the Message was delivered, the angels left the shepherds, and went back to Heaven, which prompted the shepherds to ask each other, ‘Hey!  Why don’t we go to Bethlehem, to see this amazing even with our very own eyes.  I mean, after all, The LORD went to all the trouble to invite us!  It seems like the most neighborly thing to take Him up on His Invitation!’

“…And they were off at a trot!  Sure enough they found Mary, and Joseph, and the Babe all snuggled-up in the feed trough, thanks to somebody, like Rachel Columber!

“…And when the shepherds saw for themselves that it really had happened, they started gossiping non-stop about the heavenly advertisement that they had seen, and the For-Sure Baby that they had seen for themselves.

“…And everyone who heard the words of the shepherds has a hard time taking it all in (i.e. they were speechless, awed, in wonder, amazed, etc…)

“However, Mary memorized, tucked-away, comtemplated, and pondered these events & interactions in her heart.

“…And the shepherds returned (to the flock of sheep,) glorifying and praising GOD for all the things that they had heard, and seen, as it was told unto them.

I will just expect that they were made to appreciate the value of the station in life to a much greater degree, since in one evening their title had changed from “outcasts” to “broadcasters.”  🙂

How Important Is Absolute TRUTH?

Are there any reasons why a rational human being would not want a TRUE Standard with which to measure ALL aspects of Life? Are there any reasons why a rational human being would believe that the establishment of a TRUE Standard is impossible?

Are there any human beings who do not choose a Standard by which they evaluate Life?

If ALL human beings have some Standard by which they live, by which they measure Right and Wrong, by which they feel confident enough to attempt each day’s adventure, and by which they lay their heads down to sleep at night in relative peace and safety, then is it reasonable to infer that Post-Modern Societal Deference to ALL other beliefs and belief systems is just a bunch of Hooey and sociological Hypocrisy?

The Insanity of The alleged-Enlightenment of Post-Modernism is rarely extended to ALL aspects of Life.

The Insane Post-Modernist Only Believes that Agnosticism is a sign of Maturity in areas adjacent to the subjects of GOD, spirituality, and the mysterious (which cannot be assessed by allegedly-scientific materialism!)

1. The Post-Modernist believes that he has an unalienable right to pursue what brings his Pleasure!
2. The Post-Modernist believes that he has an unalienable right to have his human needs met (i.e food, clothing, and a safe place to sleep.)
3. The Post-Modernist believes that he has an unalienable right to personal respect.
4. The Post-Modernist believes that he has an unalienable right to be protected from personal harm inflicted by others.
5. The Post-Modernist believes that he has an unalienable right to have his ideas heard in the Public Square!
6. The Post-Modernist believes that he has an unalienable right to Live and Let Live!
7. The Post-Modernist believes that he has an unalienable right to Marginalize as Individuals who Disagree with Him.
8. The Post-Modernist believes (without doubt) his belief in something makes it TRUE, and that his disbelief of something makes it False.

Thomas Paine in the opening line of the First Chapter of The Second Part of his quintessential work, The Age of Reason, makes this allegation.

IT has often been said that ‘any thing may be proved from the Bible’; but before any thing can be admitted as proved by Bible, the Bible itself must be proved to be true; for if the Bible be not true, or the truth of it be doubtful, it ceases to have authority, and cannot be admitted as proof of any thing.

The problem here is not LOGIC, but fallacious presupposition!

From the vantage-point of the NATURAL MAN and his Self-Misshaped Ability to Reason, THIS IS Admittedly Flawless LOGIC. Yet, THAT is where MAN’s Ability to Understand The Bible completely breaks-down! Personal Viewpoint is the lowest level of rationale for determining TRUTH, not the Highest…as consistently alleged!

On the one hand, Paine (and those who think as he does) empirically dismiss The Word of GOD as being “unproven TRUTH,” even though no GOD-called Preacher would ever “stand behind The Sacred Desk” without being convinced that The Bible IS in fact Absolute TRUTH,…without the slightest error, even to the lacking of the Hebraic “yod or tittle.”

In addition, Paine (and other such allegedly-reasonable humans) assert empirically that the Preacher is Wrong without ever demonstrating to thinking people the PROOF of their assurance that Non-Corporeal (e.g. “from outside the Universe”) TRUTH,…either CAN be proven or that disproof can be alleged “Beyond any Reasonable Doubt!”

Even my statement may be questioned by the World’s Great Artisans of Debate, but if such refutation be attempted, the very statement of my question must require a certain level of debatability that could cause one to pause to reflect, and consider!

Thought IS my Purpose! Defeating Humanists soundly when they have the “Home-Court Advantage” is NOT! 🙂

How many blind men have the job of architect?

How many blind men have the position of umpire or referee? 😉

How many blind men have ever been giving the privilege of driving an 18-wheeler, excluding “Whistler” in the movie, Sneakers?

Yet, spiritually blind men and women are increasingly given the job of leading our country to places that they can’t see; judging TRUTH when they themselves do not KNOW TRUTH; and defining Right & Wrong when they have no “yardsticks” by which to measure said concepts!

Thank You for taking the time to listen to me “make music with my metal cup against the bars of my cage…”

Mayhaps other SANE INMATES would like to join me in a chorus of “A Mighty Fortress IS Our GOD” as we wave at the Insane Keepers of The Asylum! :}


For now, but only on the surface…

When The LORD arrives and demands of me to confess to the World that I am truly Insane, then I will be more than glad to do so! However, I WILL be just as ready to read Proverbs 3:5-6 in The Authorized Version, if THAT is HIS Behest! 🙂