DO Right!

Just DO the Right throughout your life,
and follow WISDOM Rare,
You’ll sense your Hope amid the strife,
and strength under the care!

Just DO the right as most do Wrong,
believing Jesus SAVES,
Expect to sing Redemption’s Song,
while most learn fear so Grave!

Just DO the Right amid the Shame,
of walking oft alone,
While others laugh, ‘mid darkest game,
refusing Light HE’s Shown!

Just DO the Right while Curtain falls,
across the Stage of Time,
Assured that when Gabe’s Trumpet calls,
we’ll live The Life Sublime!

The Right we DO, since Right HE DID,
Full PAID our Sin’s dread cost,
We daily grieve ’til Sin be rid,
but NEVERMORE…are Lost!

The Right we DO, full-Knowing Pain,
attends the Damned in HELL!
We Broadcast SEED that few retain,
most missing Life, “Done Well!”

Yet THIS we Know that DOing Right,
still our commanded Job,
SUCCESS is NOT,…through Earthly Night,
that GLORY be to GOD!

My college years at Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee, greatly shaped my Life! Repeatedly, I heard this quote as attributed to Dr. John R. Rice, “Do Right, Young People, until the stars fall out of the sky!”

No matter how many times I fail in my Life lived in Christ, I am still required to bring my impiety to HIM…for HIS best foot-washing techniques, and to get up to Keep on Doing Right!

WILL you Join me in the Good Work? Thanks! 🙂


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