Autism – Asperger’ Syndrome

The Blessing of Autism!


About age 40, I was diagnosed as being AD/HD (Attention Differences by His Design,) and began taking Ritalin to help me focus in a work environment that is about as hideous as they come for an individual with AD/HD. I was a vendor in Wal-Mart representing the major movie companies of Disney, Fox, Columbia-Tristar, and Universal.Trying to concentrat before Ritalin was similar to trying to sleep in the center of an orchestra before a concert. Can you spell N-O-I-S-E?

I have likened Ritalin & Adderal to chains for tires in icy conditions. The chains don’t change the car in any way. They just give the car a fighting chance in conditions that are less than optimum. (Note: I realize that chains are pretty much outlawed today and replaced with snow tires since they’re better for the roads.) The LORD did not create me badly. The LORD created me differently than people that are desired by modern Mankind. (Remember, ancient Israel demanded a “king” in order to be like the rest of Society. They rejected the LORD’s wishes.) People don’t like me because I don’t “fit in” with their expectations of what they believe that “GOOD people” should be. A New Slant on Slats...

It’s actually FUNNY to me when I use the word, Autism, around people, especially Christians. I indicate a group of people or characters or any other indicators that I believe signify autism, and Christians “run for cover.” I(t’s like I just called someone a bastard or a homosexual.)

Bottom Line: Autism and AD/HD are NOT disorders. They are conditions created by the LORD, and must be embraced in order to not insult the LORD and His creation. The World has mislabeled these characteristics and personalities. The LORD is NOT at fault! These conditions are NOT bad! The world is living up to its full potential of spiritual stupidity!It is the job of Christians to bless Autistics, Aspies, AD/HD individuals, to find ways to use their talents, and to improve their self-images as people the LORD loves for the unique flavor He ADDs to the World through them!

Christians will one day rule the worldwith the LORD during the future Millenial dispensation. Let’s start acting like leaders by changing the labelling system.

Autism is nearly 100% genius, if not debilitated by some sort of brain injury. Autistic = ARTistic!AD/HD = ARTistic…I have never met an autistic, an aspie, or an individual with ADDitude who cannot create unique solutions to problems!NOW! It is time to stop looking at these highly-gifted individuals as being the problem! Let’s begin looking at the enemy who consistently blinds the minds of Neuro-Typicals to the potential contained in God’s creation! (Ephesians 6:10-20)


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