Justification: “God Makes Right What We made Wrong!”

Humans are so self-centered! We tend to see everything in our lives through the limited perspective of our own minds. If we see ourselves as “pretty good people, not having done all that much that is really wrong,” then we think that GOD ought to be pleased with us!

Well, sorry to offend you, but we ARE really wrong according to GOD’s Standards!

(BTW, when YOU create a temporal Universe, then I suppose YOU can be the Standard. Until that time of Human existence, YOU will just have to live by THE ABSOLUTE STANDARD decreed by The LORD GOD Almighty! ‘Kay? ‘Kay…)

JUSTIFICATION is the legal term connected to Case #0001, still pending in the lives of the many descendants of the original two co-conspirators, a male, known simply as Adam, and his wife, known simply as Eve.

The First Parents of Humankind were remanded to the Witness Stand in the Garden of Eden on the Day that The GOD of Glory appeared for HIS daily conversation with the man, yet the man was AWOL…

Judge: “Adam, YOU have been accused of violating the ONLY Rule of the Garden of Eden (sic. ‘Thou shalt not eat of the fruit
of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. For in the day that you eat of said fruit, YOU will surely die.’)”
Adam: “The woman (that YOU gave me) gave me the fruit, and I DID eat of it.”
Judge: “Eve, is this True? Did you give Adam the fruit to eat?”
Eve: “The serpent tricked me and tempted me! I eat of the fruit and I gave some of it to Adam!”

With GUILT confirmed, JUSTICE is swiftly applied! Satan in the form of the serpent, the Original Convict, was not permitted to speak to The Judge because his just conviction with its applied consequence for the Cosmic Original SIN. The following is the Sentencing Phase of THAT conviction as to the additional consequences of beguiling human co-conspirators.

Judge: “Serpent, because you beguiled the woman, you will now crawl on your belly and eat dust!”
Judge: “Eve, because you listened to the serpent and ate the fruit, you (and your female descendants) will all have painful childbirths and you are now reduced in rank to a lower official status on the chain-of-command!”
Judge: “Adam, because you have listened to Eve, and because you ate of the fruit, YOU will NOW have to WORK for a living, sweating-out some of your very life every day (since over 75% of the human body is water) until your dust is completely severed for THAT living moisture and returned to the ground in death, which is felt spiritually today, and will be felt physically at the end of a long a pain-filled life of constant decline.”
Judge: “Bailiff, escort the convicts out of The Garden, and bar-the-door with Fiery Swords. I have the little issue of making their prison uniforms from dead animal skins.”

Adam and Eve were quite prolific. They had a world full of descendants, most of which were worse than they were by all outward appearances, but one was stellar in character…for he loved GOD with all his heart. That man was Noah!

With Noah, three sons, and the four wives, The LORD started to rebuild the World with HIS chosen people, after the Judgment of The Global Flood. Yet, as The LORD knew that we would, we have once again become as corrupt as the humans of Noah’s Day!

In Conclusion,…
1. Man Sinned against the ONLY GOD, and HE IS HOLY!
2. Man’s SIN was Infinite in Cost and Eternal in Scope!
3. Man could NOT pay for his SIN by his own best efforts!
4. Man’s attempt to pay for his SIN by himself requires Eternity in HELL (because it can NEVER be fully paid by Man.)
5. GOD had the Plan in place to Pay for Man’s SIN before HE ever created the Earth!
6. Jesus, The SON of GOD, willingly chose to Pay the Price for Man’s SIN!
7. Jesus, being GOD, is the Quality of Sacrifice with the Character, Ability, and Rank to Fully Pay the Infinite Cost to the Eternal Scope of Man’s SIN in just a few hours one Friday!
8. Man receives this Gift of Salvation by Believing Jesus and the terms HE has Personally Stated by Life and by Lip, without any attempt on Man’s part to earn any of said Gift!

According to Romans 10:9-13,…

“9That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

“10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

“11For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

“12For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

“13For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Anyone who believes this TRUTH in his or her heart by the Work of The Holy Spirit is SAVED eternally, anticipating the glorious privilege of serving Jesus eternally as his or her LORD!

Judge (to such a person): “YOU are Acquitted! YOUR penalty has been PAID-IN-FULL by Jesus, My SON! YOUR Account is NOW Fully Justified!

“YOU are FREE to take your place as my indentured servant Forever…for your Ear got you into SIN in the first place at the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, but when I nailed Jesus to the Cross, I placed your Ear against the Doorpost of HIS Cross, and bored your Earlobe through with the Nails of HIS death. Since Jesus’ death, burial, and Resurrection have fully Paid your debt, This has, also, indebted you to ME Forever as My Personal Slave from the auction-block of SIN!

“Remember, Humans are ALL Slaves!

“Humans outside of Christ are slaves to their own passions while on Earth, and slaves to the penalty of their own sin Forever in HELL!

“However, Humans who are in Christ have been Freed from the tyranny of themselves and married to their benevolent DESPOT, Jesus, The LORD!

“Since this has become your case personally, CASE CLOSED!” 🙂

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