White Noise!

Lady Banks Rose

Music in the car and music on the go!
News from every orifice, technology has to show!
Can a piece of quiet be…found yet high or low?
What a really good and thoughtful quest!

They call me on the phone, to ask me how I do!
I tell them as I talk to them that I’m not yet quite through!
I don’t do much, but ’nuff ’bout me! Please tell me, “How are You?”
Productivity is such a Jest!

The modern life we live today is really quite a mess!
The “helpers” made to save us time demand more than they bless!
I start a thought on Post-It Note, and finish on Map Quest!
How strange to plan a trip to Rome, and print one to South Pole!

This busy World so filled with noise could use a change of pace!
I work much better when I choose how noise I will replace!
If there must be some sound to hear, I’d like to lighten face!
Methinks the classic music of the Masters might console…

Ah, Yes! That Mozart! What a guy! He danced in party light,
He wrote his music through the day! He drank and looked a sight!
But when was asked to play piano, he played with ALL his might!
Today, it calms the soul!

Honeysuckle Blooms

The background of my life is oft the classics of the Greats!
I write and work and think my best with notes upon my plate!
The whitest noise, and kindest sounds, are music‘s bliss to date!
They cover-up the ugly sounds, and make me ears quite whole!

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