What’s The Difference Between an Orange?


Got your attention, didn’t I? Well, now that you are here, allow me to welcome you to the blog page that is really called, “Understand Your Opponent Before Trying to Win a Debate!”

“What’s The Difference Between an Orange?” was one of the “off-the-wall” jokes that went around my high school about three decades ago. Apparently, it’s purpose was to get a great laugh for the teller by watching their friends’ brains euphemistically “explode” and go “TILT” when they didn’t “get the point.”

I mean let’s be reasonable!

When a question, like this, is asked the mind is intent on locating the second part of the repartee’.

If I am going to answer a contrast question in which an orange is being contrasted with some other item, then it stands to reason that the other item must be mentioned in order for me to begin to formulate a conclusion that at the very least is logical to me. Right?

“What’s the Difference Between an Orange and an Apple?” (Ah! Thank You, LORD! A resonantly complete question…)

I could answer, “Well, let’s think about this now! Oranges and apples are both fruit. Nope! That’s how they are alike! How are they different?

1. Oranges are like their name, orange. Apples are “red, and green, and yellow, and polite. They are precious in His Sight!” 2. Oranges have peels that for most practical purposes are inedible.

The peel of an apple is quite nutritious.

3. The interior of an orange has basically the consistency of a bunch of tiny little water balloons. The middle of an apple is often crunchy, but usually not as much as a potato chip. 4. They both have appeal and they have a peel! (Nope! That’s comparison again, Dummy! Well, ex—-cuse me & Thank You very little!)

Okay! So, “what does all of this have to do with the price of eggs in China?” (We may never KNOW because it didn’t fall THAT far!) :}

(Another oblique euphemism used doing my high school days to “backhand” the recipient for speaking in a manner that is “like totally random, and so last week!”)

Alright! Alright! I won’t keep you hanging-on any longer…

Here’s your bottom line: Why do both sides in the debate over the existence of God find that it’s just easier to do what comes naturally by attempting to “take-out the opponent with character assassination” rather than to listen respectfully,…addressing the real issues and their validity or lack thereof?

I will be the first to apologize for my own ease at using “ad hominem” attacks. (However, I DO have feelings that can get hurt, like anybody else’s here.)

I admit that it feels good to be honored for my process, if not my content.

For every atheist that feels that he or she has taken great pains to arrive at their position of intellectual sophistication, I would declare that I feel the same way! I don’t like condescension any better than any of you do…

Yet, let’s be honest here! If you “talk-down” to me, it will be very hard for me to say “No!” to the temptation to “talk-down” to you,…Christian or not! (Then, of course, there’s that added liability that I have of feeling guilty for doing wrong!) :}

Let me hasten to say that on many levels, I really respect atheists because of their commitment to excellence, their demand for intellectual precision, their courage to stand-up and be counted on subjects for which they believe passionately and are willingly to defend with great commitment, and their determination to be heard…no matter the opposition.

With all due respects and in my humble opinion, I would like to assert that at least in the area of process,…committed atheists and committed Christians are much alike.

To this I would add that both camps have a great deal of intelligence, and “backbone, intestinal-fortitude” (or at the very least we’re both “anally-retentive.” Maybe we should stop eating the apples whole!) :}

You KNOW, if it wasn’t for that nasty little content issue in which we are both trying to convince each other (while “talking about apples and oranges,)” then I might actually be able to call you “Friend!”

SOL!,…Right? 🙂

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