Dr. Michael A. Guido’s Final Birthday

Dr. Michael Guido in Profile

The LORD has birthed a son today,
to walk on streets of Gold,
Forever, he will work and play,
with One he’s longed to hold!

Th’Eternal Obstetrician caused
Time’s “womb” to dialate wide,
For Dr. Michael Guido was to…
leave for the other side!

The Seed of Man implants within,
The Fruit of Lady Fair,
When nine months pass a child of Sin,
begins to cry and stare!

Yet, at the point two sinful cells
were joined to begin life,
The New One starts to die towards HELL,
and enter daily strife!

When once The Savior’s Song is sung,
in heart re-tuned by GRACE,
The World has only just begun,
to see Christ in the face!

This man of God was once a boy,
who feared the tolling bell,
But when this Christ gave new employ,
he feared no more dark HELL!

His saxophone on Calvary,
he hanged to take his stand,
To lose his life that we might be,
Fore’er in Beulah land!

Now after end of Earthly days,
the Preacher’s standing…still,
No more touched by Sin’s Earthly Clay,
Victorious in Christ’s Will!

“A thousand Thanks! But not for me!”
He’d say to us today.
“Give ALL your Praise to Christ for He…
is Worthy ev’ry WAY!”

(John 14:6 & John 3:16, KJV)

by Jay O’Toole 🙂


Many Are Cold, But Few Are Froze!

Many are cold, but few are froze,
as winter closes in,
Some immobilized by prose,
by poetry they win!

How do we stop the tides that rise,
that bring Most Sovereign Fire?
How can we show most hearts the guise,
that blinds with darkest ire?

Must we of Christ proclaim The Name,
that many hate to hear?
If God-Man spoke and said the same,
can be aught to appear?

How many will be lost today,
if I do not my part?
For all are born in Sin’s Broad Way,
No Jesus in their heart!

How many will be born again,
if I am faithful still?
I need not Know the births of Kin,
to do God’s Sovereign Will!

For if I’m faithful or I’m not,
no souls will I affect,
Except those chose by Sovereign lot,
and THOSE He’ll Not neglect!

If they be Hot, If they be Cold,
The Meaning’s One for me,
My Life for Christ be daily BOLD,
by means of Calvary!"The Way of The Cross Leads Home."