The Sower, Dr. Michael Guido of Metter. GA

Dr. Michael Guido, the Sower of Metter, Georgia, USA

Dr. Michael Guido, the Sower of Metter, Georgia, USA

Read Matthew 27:15-26 TLB

There had been a terrible wreck, and the policeman asked the driver, “How did this happen?”

The dazed fellow pointed toward the back seat and said, “My wife fell asleep.”

There was a wife who was wide awake. But her husband was a craven coward. When the Lord Jesus stood before him for trial, his wife said, “Leave that good man alone.” But Pilate asked to have Him killed, and then he took his own life.

It’s too bad he didn’t obey his own conscience and his wife’s advice.

But here’s a question Governor Pilate asked, “What shall I do with Jesus?”

I’ve received Him. Won’t you?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we accept Thy government, and crown Thee King of our lives. We here and now give Thee first place in our lives. Help us to live as Thou dost want us to live: through Christ. Amen.


The God Who IS GOD!

"The LORD is Sovereign and True Blue!"

Is there a boulder God creates,
that even He can’t move?
Of course not, for His Word doth state,
all foolish,…He’ll reprove!

Yet there’s a boulder…Man has made,
that even God can’t budge,
The Rock of our grave sins displayed,
through acts and pride-filled grudge!

For Holy God can’t Justify,
a man who’s still in sin!
His Holiness cannot defy,
This Barrier to men!

Yet Holy God desired to save,…
from Sin He’d Justify,
He left His Throne to birth in cave,
to live Pure, then to die!

This Man of God…’sthe God of Man,
the Man Who’s God agreed…
With Holy God as Living Sand,
He died,…His Blood would plead!

Propitiation keeps God Just,
while Justifying men,
It satisfies this Firey Lust!
It pays for ev’ry Sin!

This Holy God was packed in Man,
that God could fully take,
The Fullness of Man’s Mortal Sin,
that sin-free,…Man could make!

This Jesus, though He’s fully God,
Man’s Sin He WAS Complete,
That when He drank the Cup’s last drop,
‘Twas Jesus,…LIFE Replete!

To KNOW that I have been made right,
is in this Holy Gift,
For Jesus covered DAY o’er night,
My Sin You Lived,
My Wrath You Lived,
My Cup You Poured and Drank,
To Heal th’Eternal Rift!