Free Advice is Costly!

“Hey, My Friend, I’ve got a thought,
I KNOW you’ll really like!
“It’s FREE to you and when I’ve taught,
You’ll be a ‘mazing sight!”

-Why Thank You, but I really don’t think…
“That’s why you need me NOW!
“Your style is…well,…it really does stink!
With me, you’ll get a bow!”

-Why Thank You, but I really…”Need help?
“Indeed, you do, but fear you nevermore!
“For FREE Advice comes ‘fore your Yelp!
No cost you need restore!”

Why, Thank You, but…”It’s really BIG!
“I KNOW but haven’t said!
“My sensitivity is rigged,
to keep from being dead!”

Why Thank…”me? Helping you I’m pleased!
“I run around my world,
“To help ALL souls who need released,
And plant my banner unfurled!” :}

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