Tomorrow is One of God’s Mysteries!

Tomorrow is a day unknown,
which never has been seen,
For when tomorrow’s sun is shown,
Today it’s always been!

A Prudent Man forseeth ill,
and hides himself apace,
Yet simpleton’s push on at will,
and end up in disgrace!

We KNOW that boasting is “Fool’s Gold,”
with Treasure NEVER grasped,
For Morrow’s Hopes are quickly sold,
and Truth will bite, like asps!

The full-ish do not want to eat,
the Best that God provides!
Salvation comes to those who greet,
Physician & ne’er hide!

An Iron sharpens iron alike,
and Friendship’s Face sees through,
For when a Man sets friend aright,
the goal is Wisdom,…New!

The Water that reflects the Light,
does this by Nature given,
No Hope of gain, nor earthly might,
would cause such Truth be liven!

A Finer Pot could ne’er be KNOWN,
than one that praises Man!
For as the dross impedes the gold,
Man’s Pride impedes the Plan!

The myst’ry that our God can make,
Tomorrow from Today,
‘sThe same that God a man can take,
as Trophy for display!

by Jay O’Toole
(Poem created from ideas found in Proverbs 27…)

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