‘Twas The Night Before ‘Lection…

‘Twas the Night Before ‘Lection,
when all through the States,
Not an ill word was spoken,
for fear of losing The Race!

With Ma in recliner,
and I on the couch,
We had just settled in…
…to a long night, “Don’t Rouse!”

The sweet children we’d nuzzled,
and sang them to sleep,
One Melatonin to each,
and now never a peep!

When out on the lawn,
was such a ruckus infernal,
That I jumped to my feet,
checked the lockes, all internal!

But what in my minimal peace should invade,
Large Donkeys and Elephants danced as they played!

Then giving a twist of each tail, tusk & trunk,
They came down my chimney as though they had shrunk!

A donkey was changing,
and said we all could,
But one wonders if,
all that changing is so good!

The elephant was lythe,
quite a jolly old elf,
And I chuckled while voting,
despite how I felt!

The tinkling and jangling,
of cracked cups, plates, and pots,
Filled my lungs with great laughter,
What a show that we got!

Then splaying their legs,
and cocking each head,
They finished their song,
’bout the White, Blue & Red!

Now jumping up for,
a dead-run up-the-flue,
They said to “Please Vote US,
and we bid you adieu!”

After banging and climbing,
the chimney they cleaned,
They ran through the yard,
pushing, shoving, Quite Mean!

When they noticed our faces,
each nose pressed down quite flat,
Remembered themselves,
threw right down…ev’ry bat!

As they stood there their faces, smudged and smeared with black soot,
They were smiling Quite Biggly ‘tween their ears, head to foot!

With their arms o’er the shoulders of idealogues,
They comforted voters with Vict’ry’s Prologue!

“When Elected I’ll be just the sort that you need,
But if not, then I’ll stand, and most humbly concede!

“Yet, for now, We will bid you the fondest farewell,
And tomorrow, We Win! Or else,…We’re SOL!”

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