He Died, Yet in His Prime!

Have you ever wondered why…
—Christ, the Saviour died,
As a youth of thirty-three,
—wholly in His prime?

Would it not be logical,
—for the Son of God,
Teaching Truth and Hope to all,
—through His spoken Word?

He could prove in many ways,
—that His claims were true,
But throughout all Earth’s long days,
—would Living Proof renew?

Biggest yet is one great thought,
—How could the Son, the Lamb,
If through His eighties He had taught,
—be God’s Unblemished Man?

The Jewish laws required the best,
—when giving gifts to God,
And ancient rams don’t pass the test,
—too weakened to be good!

No! God requires that when we give,
—the Sacrificial Lamb,
He must be best and wholly live,
—no spot nor blemish can,

Be given to the God so pure,
—that “touching” stops the heart,
Unless the Precious Blood’s the cure,
—and thus new life imparts!

Could Jesus live a sinless life,
—throughout a normal span?
No doubt He could, and ease much strife,
—while doing God’s commands,

But fully God and fully man,
—Dynamic Thermo Law,
Was made to keep us in His Plan,
—His mercy after Fall!

No man can live out six score years,
—and few beyond the half,
Respect in life is truly clear,
—as strong men start the path!

Orange Hibiscus Bloom with Bible Verse!

For Israel’s social rules were plain,
—no man could lead nor serve,
Before He age of thirty gained,
—no novice could deserve!

The thirties are the prime of days,
—the age a man was great,
Still younger than his swift decay,
—the Lamb in purest state!

Thus dying in such youthful grace,
—the LORD remains quite young,
In human minds He takes His Place,
—as Victor to be sung!

The Birth of Jesus in the hay,
—did show His Holy Place,
Between the ground and sky he lay,
—in Mediator grace!

Between two crosses made of wood,
—the Holy Child did rest,
The hay and swaddle spoke of good,
—His future waiting test!

Did spikes of hay push through the cloth,
—and pain the newborn’s skin?
Did tiny stains of blood then spot,
—the shrouded Lamb for sin?

Did those attending at His birth,
—see peace in eyes so rare?
Did Mankind truly know His worth,
—the carried One we bare?

For babies cannot move about,
—nor choose the path to go,
Like those condemned are taken out,
—that traded life we’d know!

The Earthbound crosses lifted high,
—the babe not made by Man,
Between the two did peaceful lie,
—and died the same…as planned!

By human hands in cave was laid,
—the Child and Man in Prime,
Both swaddled tight…a mystery played,
—by God invading Time!

In Birth, in Death, in Birth again,
—the Shepherd keeps the cote,
We sheep do need His Life from sin,
—His Bread, His Hope’s Red Coat! 🙂

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