Eternal Thoughts in Limited Time!

Cloud Cover One Evening in Atlanta...Dear LORD, I know there’s not much time,
—to live and die for You,
For when I die, it’s Life Sublime,
—with One Who made things NEW!

Dear LORD, I ask that You would aid,
—the dearest Earthly souls,
Who may not KNOW the Gift You Made,
—in death…Forever whole!

The task is great! My thoughts collide!
—I cannot choose the task!
Please help me lose my Earthly pride,
—to do all that You ask!

I’m Much Afraid for You have shown,
—Your Father won’t take less,…
Than all of me…that when I’m grown,
—the deathly Birth will bless!

The imminence of Your Return, Sunset Panorama
—or calling to the sky,
Does “nerve mine arm” for lost souls burn,
—in Hell forever cry!

I need Your Strength in daily grace,
—to press on toward the prize,
For I may rest in THAT Grand Place,
—respected in Your Eyes!

Please save my friends and family,
—before it is too late!
They’re in my heart eternally!
—Their loss would be too great!

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