When we think about our lives, White Lady Banks Rose...
—often we are told,
Be humble as you daily strive,
—and never act too bold!

How sad that to our human minds,
—this seems to thing to do,
I’m humble when I’m quite unkind,
—to self to honor you!

Yet, we are wiser when we seek,
—the Truth of ev’ry word,
The pride of hatred’s inward speak,
—insults Creation’s LORD!

The truly wise are humble best,
—when giving thanks to God,
For making self to shine through test,
—and useful for His good!

To say, “I’m gifted!” is to bless,
—The One Whose Hands did mold,
My life well-woven as His guest,
—His pen,…HIStory told!

In humble strength, I stand assured,
[—respectful in the Truth,
For sober-minded souls aren’t lured,
—away from ancient Youth!

The meaning of each word is this,
—God’s honor in my thoughts,
Results in worship and my bliss,
—respecting Truth as taught!

Humility will speak “as is,”
—respecting without change,
Created souls the Master gives,
—throughout all HIStory’s range!

For I am sober to confess,
—that God does all things well,
And you are wise His Hand to kiss,
—preventing lasting Hell!

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