Living With a “Poker Face”

A “Poker Face” is worn by those,    
  who daily need to hide…
Emotions from the sight of foes,
  who love so much to chide!

Someone who feels he’s safe,…secure                                 Joy without expression...
  can laugh quite lib’ral-ly,
He knows he’s found the heart’s deep cure,
  in those with whom he’s free!

But when he meets some others who,
  are sure they know him best,
They set about to make him new,
  creating one who’s “blessed!”

How sad that God is proved of sin…
  in some that He has made,
He needs the help of fallen Man,
  correcting the display!

Yet, who are we to tell the LORD,
  “We think that You have erred!
For here’s a man whose many moods,
  Don’t show that he has cared!”

God takes a lot of prating ‘fore…
  He lifts His Hand to teach,
“If you had thought a little more,
  before you tried to preach,
Then silence would have me adored,
  and wisdom you’d have reached,
But now your words have merely bored,
  for ne’er the proud beseech!”

When we remember there are times,
  that others show the heart,
We’ll honor who they are…sublime,
  and friendships live as ART!

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