Living With a “Poker Face”

A “Poker Face” is worn by those,    
  who daily need to hide…
Emotions from the sight of foes,
  who love so much to chide!

Someone who feels he’s safe,…secure                                 Joy without expression...
  can laugh quite lib’ral-ly,
He knows he’s found the heart’s deep cure,
  in those with whom he’s free!

But when he meets some others who,
  are sure they know him best,
They set about to make him new,
  creating one who’s “blessed!”

How sad that God is proved of sin…
  in some that He has made,
He needs the help of fallen Man,
  correcting the display!

Yet, who are we to tell the LORD,
  “We think that You have erred!
For here’s a man whose many moods,
  Don’t show that he has cared!”

God takes a lot of prating ‘fore…
  He lifts His Hand to teach,
“If you had thought a little more,
  before you tried to preach,
Then silence would have me adored,
  and wisdom you’d have reached,
But now your words have merely bored,
  for ne’er the proud beseech!”

When we remember there are times,
  that others show the heart,
We’ll honor who they are…sublime,
  and friendships live as ART!


My Best Friend…

Dr. Michael Guido:  My Best friend, much like our best friend, Jesus!

The best of all my Earthly friends,
  will stand the test of Time,
Will linger through Eternity,
  is quality sublime…

My best friend talks and truly hears,
  enjoys me as I am,
My best friend knows my hopes and fears,
  and loves me as He can…

We are quite diff’rent, He and I,
  the only thing the same,
Is great respect that brings us nigh,
  we’re more alike each day…

What stories He entrusts to me,
  What sillies I reveal!
My heart will always hopeful be,
  in friendship that blood seals! 


Humility is knowing how,
to rightly see my heart!
Humility brings hope right now,
and shows me where to start!Joy is childlike!

How sad it is to see someone,
curse self and all they are,
For pride is closer to that tone,
it looks at self by far!

To be a humble soul we must…
not think more high nor less,
For we were made by One to Trust,
and who we are is blessed!

We walk…a humble heart in bliss,
when we can see the good,
That God has made when He made us,
such Hope is our soul’s food!

Shalom Symphony Orchestra

Symphony orchestras provide the unique creation of a unique type of music.The conductor is virtually silent with regard to the resulting music, but he receives the greatest praise when the concert is successful!The conductor controls every member of the orchestra through the bond of respect & trust, and through the direction of his hands and his eyes. Glass Bottle Stopper(“20And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers: 21And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.” Isaiah 30:20-21)

The conductor expends no breath for the making of sound, yet he lives to “keep the beat” with the arms of his visual metronome. Then as required by the music (pre-written by the composer,) the conductor invites the entrance of instruments.During the concert the musician’s entire existence is pledged to the direction of the conductor! The musician’s sole desire is to accomplish every bidding of his conductor.

The musician knows that he has but one responsibility: He must “play his part”. He must only play his part. He must play every note with excellence! Beyond the point of excellence that enhances the whole is grandiose pride and grandstanding. Anything less than excellence that enhances the whole is the pride of self-absorbed depression.

As we grow to recognize Jesus as the symphony orchestra conductor, we begin to hear the wondrous strains of this cosmic Unfinished Symphony, known as Life! We each are merely musicians commanding sure notes from wind or percussion instrumentsfor some have spiritual gifts of speaking while others exercise their gifts of service with their hands.

In the Christian life and in an orchestra concert “playing my part” creates beautiful music together with the LORD. However, playing more quickly or more slowly than the conductor requires is destructive because it is prideful.

“Playing my part” according to the conductor’s direction and cadence is the demonstration of real musicianship and humility!“The circumstances of a saint’s life are ordained of God.” Oswald Chambers in My Utmost For His Highest, November 7th entry.