When You Look At Me…

Just As I Am…I wonder when you look at me,
   if you believe it’s true,
The man that life is making me,
   as it is making you!

This world abhors our differences,
   and tries to keep us same,
Allowing only uniqueness,
   in styles of one great “game”!

I wonder when you look at me,
   if love of art shows through,
If God is “good” in all my ways,
   if I appeal to you!

And when you look at me each day,
   can you see in this ire,
Redemptive Love that seems to say,
   “Real Truth is not for hire?”

When looking at me do you see,
   the man within my heart?
Or do you think quite socially,
   “The whole defines the part”?

The me I am will stay behind,
   the well-created mask,
That’s sold to all as “fowler’s blind,”
   to do each social task.

But when at me the ones who care,
   do look for gracious soul,
They’ll see me without piercing stare,
   in love that’s truly bold! 



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