Focus On the Prize!

Please let me rest upon Your Grace,
   O, Strong One, All Divine!
My sins are putrid as my best,
   I’m mean when I am kind!

The best I try to make is dung,
   my holiness is chaff,
“O, LORD, my life as greatest gift!”
   would only make Him laugh! (Psalm 2)

I have this strong and burning want,
   that never lets me rest!
I want to be made right with God,
   and live this life the best!

But when I give to God MY good,
   and try to call it great,
God sees a beggar in his rags…
   who tries to sin abate!

Yet when I see my best as worst,
   before God’s choice of LOVE,
A great exchange beyond all verse,
   fits me to live Above!

For Jesus takes my good that’s bad,
   and gives me Blessed Life,
The Highest makes the lowest glad,
   and mends a heart of stripes!

O, Glorious Day, that I first knew,      
   that nevermore my best,
Was needed in pursuit of One,
   Who’s Evermore…The Blessed!       ΑΩ

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