Mission Impossible, 2007!

Higher Than The Sun…God!“Being a Christian is not difficult, it’s impossible!” I have heard this expression more than a few times from preachers in a church pulpit or on a radio broadcast.

Being a Christian requires that I offer nothing of myself in order in order to become a Christian. Yet, becoming a Christian requires that I hold nothing back for self-rule. This calls to mind another oft heard expression, “Jesus must be Lord of All or he is not lord at all.”

In the more than four decades that I have walked this Earth as a Christian, the one consistent element present in the life of a true, growing Christian…is the desire to be Christlike. This desire is often accompanied by its companion grief of knowing that in this life we will never fully be Christlike.

Yet, this magnetism/desire/passion/obsession never releases the Christian from the day he or she believes…Forever!

This is due to the fact that when God, the Father, invests the value of His Son’s death, burial and resurrection into the life of any human being, then He personally superintends the rendering of the return on His investment throughout Time and Eternity!

We may think of the LORD as a shrewd investment banker on Wall Street. The LORD does not allow Himself to be forced into anything different than His Own Will.

The religions of the world may want to diversify their spiritual “portfolios” in order to hedge their investments against the “bears” of public opinion and inclusivity, but the LORD invests His entire fortune in the lives of believers who simply accept the portrait and the Person of the Son Whom He fully loves. As with any other Stock Market investor, the LORD expects “The best of times and the worst of times,” but He will never reverse His decision. The LORD stays with the believer throughout the duration.

The first big “return-on-investment” that consistently shows in the lives of believers is the fearless honesty that remains consistently committed to choosing God’s opinion when it conflicts with everyone else in the world.

A Christian will choose to speak honestly, even when it costs his or her life. When the Christian becomes Christlike, he (or she) is loved by the world’s outcasts and hated by the world’s religious machines.

Being a Christian requires courage, integrity, and patience that cannot be exercised by human resources. Being a Christian is a supernatural life created by the Sovereign Will of the Holy God in concert with an uncoerced reception by the heart of a human.

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