Always Watching…

       Life is a very long mentoring session with everyone we meet…Someone is always watching!  Someone is always learning!  Someone is always imitating any and everything we do!   Opinionated!

       May I say that as a man in my late forties, becoming a Daddy when others are becoming granddaddies can be at best intimidating and at worst terrifying.  “She’s watching you!”  “Your life will never be the same!”  “Don’t worry!  You’ll be fine!”

        On top of that Dad & Mom used to drill into my mind as a child, “Son, don’t ever do anything that you wouldn’t want to be doing,…if your Dad or your Mom walked in the door!” 

   I knew what he meant, “Live Right, Son!”  However, now,…many years later…, I wish I could go back and ask him, “Dad, does that work both ways?  I mean, ‘Dad & Mom, don’t ever be doing anything that you wouldn’t want to be doing when one of your sons walked in the door!'”  (Of course, I am glad that I can’t because I would probably have gotten whipped into next week.)

       How do YOU spell “Privacy Issue”?  For THAT matter, Why does Santa Claus even get to have two lists?  Aren’t you supposed to go to prison for spycams & wire-taps?  Dude!

       O, Well!  If I understand Life correctly, Privacy went out the door when Parenthood came in!  I guess that means that my Life is an “open book.”  (You mark my word!  If I ever do write a book, then it’s only going to have ten chapters!  I don’t want anybody reading about the life of this writer, and thinking that I ever got to Chapter 11, let alone Chapter 13, for THAT matter!)       :}  “A JOT on the dot hits the spot!”

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