1 Thessalonians 5:23-25,KJV

“And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly;

and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body

be preserved blameless unto

the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.

Brethren, pray for us.”

  • The Faithful One Who called is great,Roses…
  • And never will He fail!
  • The saving One is never late,
  • In doing His Blest Will!
  • The God of Peace is sanctifying,
  • All whom He has called,
  • The Saviour’s Gift to us applying,
  • Grace to stop our fall!
  • Dear loved one of the LORD so rare,
  • Be faithful ev’ry day,
  • For we will meet Him in the air,
  • To live th’Eternal way!
  • While walking on this dusty road,
  • I do recall to thank,
  • The loving ones who’ve helped my load,
  • Without whom I would lack!
  • You’ve ministered to such as I,
  • With little change from me,
  • But not a cup of water flies,
  • Beyond His eyes that see!
  • Your gift remains a healing balm,
  • And I have changed indeed,
  • E’en though my face may stay so calm,
  • My heart has JOY in ev’ry need!
  • You’ve made a difference in my life,
  • So gratefully I say,
  • “Just be Faithful, even in strife,
  • Believe, and Him obey!”
  • The Speaking Gifts may change a-pace,
  • For all the world to see,
  • But Serving Gifts like hiding Grace,
  • “See Jesus’ face for me!”


When You Look At Me…

Just As I Am…I wonder when you look at me,
   if you believe it’s true,
The man that life is making me,
   as it is making you!

This world abhors our differences,
   and tries to keep us same,
Allowing only uniqueness,
   in styles of one great “game”!

I wonder when you look at me,
   if love of art shows through,
If God is “good” in all my ways,
   if I appeal to you!

And when you look at me each day,
   can you see in this ire,
Redemptive Love that seems to say,
   “Real Truth is not for hire?”

When looking at me do you see,
   the man within my heart?
Or do you think quite socially,
   “The whole defines the part”?

The me I am will stay behind,
   the well-created mask,
That’s sold to all as “fowler’s blind,”
   to do each social task.

But when at me the ones who care,
   do look for gracious soul,
They’ll see me without piercing stare,
   in love that’s truly bold! 



Focus On the Prize!

Please let me rest upon Your Grace,
   O, Strong One, All Divine!
My sins are putrid as my best,
   I’m mean when I am kind!

The best I try to make is dung,
   my holiness is chaff,
“O, LORD, my life as greatest gift!”
   would only make Him laugh! (Psalm 2)

I have this strong and burning want,
   that never lets me rest!
I want to be made right with God,
   and live this life the best!

But when I give to God MY good,
   and try to call it great,
God sees a beggar in his rags…
   who tries to sin abate!

Yet when I see my best as worst,
   before God’s choice of LOVE,
A great exchange beyond all verse,
   fits me to live Above!

For Jesus takes my good that’s bad,
   and gives me Blessed Life,
The Highest makes the lowest glad,
   and mends a heart of stripes!

O, Glorious Day, that I first knew,      
   that nevermore my best,
Was needed in pursuit of One,
   Who’s Evermore…The Blessed!       ΑΩ

Mission Impossible, 2007!

Higher Than The Sun…God!“Being a Christian is not difficult, it’s impossible!” I have heard this expression more than a few times from preachers in a church pulpit or on a radio broadcast.

Being a Christian requires that I offer nothing of myself in order in order to become a Christian. Yet, becoming a Christian requires that I hold nothing back for self-rule. This calls to mind another oft heard expression, “Jesus must be Lord of All or he is not lord at all.”

In the more than four decades that I have walked this Earth as a Christian, the one consistent element present in the life of a true, growing Christian…is the desire to be Christlike. This desire is often accompanied by its companion grief of knowing that in this life we will never fully be Christlike.

Yet, this magnetism/desire/passion/obsession never releases the Christian from the day he or she believes…Forever!

This is due to the fact that when God, the Father, invests the value of His Son’s death, burial and resurrection into the life of any human being, then He personally superintends the rendering of the return on His investment throughout Time and Eternity!

We may think of the LORD as a shrewd investment banker on Wall Street. The LORD does not allow Himself to be forced into anything different than His Own Will.

The religions of the world may want to diversify their spiritual “portfolios” in order to hedge their investments against the “bears” of public opinion and inclusivity, but the LORD invests His entire fortune in the lives of believers who simply accept the portrait and the Person of the Son Whom He fully loves. As with any other Stock Market investor, the LORD expects “The best of times and the worst of times,” but He will never reverse His decision. The LORD stays with the believer throughout the duration.

The first big “return-on-investment” that consistently shows in the lives of believers is the fearless honesty that remains consistently committed to choosing God’s opinion when it conflicts with everyone else in the world.

A Christian will choose to speak honestly, even when it costs his or her life. When the Christian becomes Christlike, he (or she) is loved by the world’s outcasts and hated by the world’s religious machines.

Being a Christian requires courage, integrity, and patience that cannot be exercised by human resources. Being a Christian is a supernatural life created by the Sovereign Will of the Holy God in concert with an uncoerced reception by the heart of a human.

Always Watching…

       Life is a very long mentoring session with everyone we meet…Someone is always watching!  Someone is always learning!  Someone is always imitating any and everything we do!   Opinionated!

       May I say that as a man in my late forties, becoming a Daddy when others are becoming granddaddies can be at best intimidating and at worst terrifying.  “She’s watching you!”  “Your life will never be the same!”  “Don’t worry!  You’ll be fine!”

        On top of that Dad & Mom used to drill into my mind as a child, “Son, don’t ever do anything that you wouldn’t want to be doing,…if your Dad or your Mom walked in the door!” 

   I knew what he meant, “Live Right, Son!”  However, now,…many years later…, I wish I could go back and ask him, “Dad, does that work both ways?  I mean, ‘Dad & Mom, don’t ever be doing anything that you wouldn’t want to be doing when one of your sons walked in the door!'”  (Of course, I am glad that I can’t because I would probably have gotten whipped into next week.)

       How do YOU spell “Privacy Issue”?  For THAT matter, Why does Santa Claus even get to have two lists?  Aren’t you supposed to go to prison for spycams & wire-taps?  Dude!

       O, Well!  If I understand Life correctly, Privacy went out the door when Parenthood came in!  I guess that means that my Life is an “open book.”  (You mark my word!  If I ever do write a book, then it’s only going to have ten chapters!  I don’t want anybody reading about the life of this writer, and thinking that I ever got to Chapter 11, let alone Chapter 13, for THAT matter!)       :}  “A JOT on the dot hits the spot!”